Welcome to my new website DizzyStenberg.com! Here you will find resources for creating communications and building WordPress websites.


I launched the site as a resource for my clients, and myself, to share materials we have each stumbled across with one another in our efforts to communicate with clients via WordPress, social media platforms, and print creations.

I’ve worked in Communications and IT in Victoria, B.C., since 2009. From the beginning of my learning curve with digital and print marketing I have found that those little tips and tricks from others, what they have or haven’t found useful in their experience, are often the most valuable pieces of advice.


With a knowledge of WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Hootsuite, Vertical Response, Filezilla, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Word and Excel, I have supported clients in creating websites to fit their individual needs, whether they are in the non-profit, educational, or small business realms. I’ve launched social media solutions for connecting clients with their targeted audiences. My Communications background has offered me the chance to gain experience in creating content for and designing newsletters, appeal letters, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, posters, and press releases.

Connect with me today by emailing dizzystenberg@gmail.com, following me on Twitter @DizzyStenberg, or liking my Facebook Page at Facebook.com/DizzyStenberg.