Adding to the already climbing number of mailboxes, news feeds, and platforms I check before going to bed or when I get up in the morning, this week I’ve discovered Twitter Moments.

Twitter published this with the hope of sharing “the biggest news stories in the world” and the “best of Twitter in an instant.” So far I’ve learned that Michael Buble does not know how to eat corn and that the Japanese are comparing babies to bread rolls.

To me, it doesn’t feel like it’s adding anything new to the Twitter platform. The few items featured that I might be interested in reading about would likely already be found in my news feed. I would have found them organically as they would have been tweeted by those I have an interest in following. Plus, if a news story is somehow important enough that I need to read it, and somehow none of the many I follow have yet to tweet about it, I could look at trending hashtags.

What do you think of Twitter’s Moments? Did they hit a mark or do you think it will take a little more refining?