social-network-640x425Stories of Facebook’s hidden mailbox blew up my Facebook stream this week. While Facebook has had this issue for a while, I only discovered this week that I’ve left too many Facebook users hanging with unanswered messages.

For those of us using Facebook as a platform to support our clients this obviously undermines our efforts. It’s bad enough thinking you’re leaving a friend or relative hanging, but when a customer’s question or concern goes unnoticed we do a disservice to ourselves as well as our clients.

How do we fix this so that no message goes unopened again? Below are step-by-step instructions for accessing those messages on your phone or computer.

twitter-facebook-app-phone-1920x1280-LoboStudioHamburgOn your smart phone:

1. Open your Messenger App and click on the settings button.
2. Select People.
3. Click on Message Requests.
4. Scroll to the bottom and select See filtered requests.

On your computer:


1. Open Facebook in your favourite browser.
2. Click on the message icon at the top right.
3. Select Message Requests from the top left of the drop down.
4. Click on See filtered requests.

And now reply away!

For a pictorial breakdown of these steps take a look at the post by Gina Florio on