Twitter Moments

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Adding to the already climbing number of mailboxes, news feeds, and platforms I check before going to bed or when I get up in the morning, this week I've discovered Twitter Moments. Twitter published this with the hope of sharing "the biggest news stories in the world" and the "best of Twitter in an instant." [...]

Design Resources for WordPress and Beyond

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In my years working in web and print design I have found that recommendations from colleagues and fellow Communications professionals are my most valued tips. Odds are that if a trick is found useful to one designer then it will be useful to others. I've begun a collection of handy resources below and look forward [...]

Finding Facebook’s Hidden Mailbox

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Stories of Facebook's hidden mailbox blew up my Facebook stream this week. While Facebook has had this issue for a while, I only discovered this week that I've left too many Facebook users hanging with unanswered messages. For those of us using Facebook as a platform to support our clients this obviously undermines our efforts. [...]

Welcome to

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Welcome to my new website! Here you will find resources for creating communications and building WordPress websites. I launched the site as a resource for my clients, and myself, to share materials we have each stumbled across with one another in our efforts to communicate with clients via WordPress, social media platforms, and print [...]

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